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squidoo_promo's Journal

Squidoo Lenses
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Advertise your Squidoo lens here!
First, a quick explanation of what Squidoo actually is and is about

Squidoo is a website that allows its users to set up a page or, to use the terminology in use on the site, a lens about any subject they know well and/or care about. Users are actually called lensmasters and use the tools provided by Squidoo to set up links, feeds, lists, etc. The service is completely free and Squidoo actually pays its contributors for providing content. There are also modules to link and display, YouTube, Ebay auctions, blogs, Flickr photos, etc. The subject of the lens can be virtually anything ranging from pets, politics, products, hobbies, sports, art, culture, etc. For example, I use Squidoo primarily to promote my artwork and online shops:

Cheerful Madness!! online shops

and the books I authored and got published:

RED JIM by Nathalie Jean-Bart

or subjects I have a strong interest in:

Everything about Lions

The key is that every contributor has some knowledge, interest, expertise or products to share, talk about and promote.

Squidoo splits its revenue with its lensmasters (for contributing content to the site) and charities. If you have something to say or show, give it a go: the better the content, the more it drives traffic to your lens, good ratings from other lensmasters and the bigger your revenue.

Rules about using this community

You can join and post links to your Squidoo lens or lenses, or make yourself known as a lensmaster, tell us that you have just updated your lens or made it to Lens Of The Day, etc.
Please only post about topics linked to Squidoo or your own lens or lensmaster profile: posts with a direct link to your shop, website or Ebay auctions for example, will be deleted.
Don't post anything objectionable or otherwise illegal.
You can post up to 5 times a day.
Finally, be nice to each other and keep critiques, if any, constructive. To give advice and help someone improve his/her lens is welcome and encouraged. Ridiculing, belittling or insulting someone isn't. Flames, insults and four letter words or expletives will *not* be tolerated. Hopefully, this shouldn't be an issue here.


**Since *some* people joined in order to spam this community, I am left with no choice but to moderate membership. Please make sure to contact me with a link to your Squidoo page or lens so I can see what you do and that you intend to post either your lens or topics linked to Squidoo, which is what this community is about. If you come across as a spammer (no entries in your journal, links to dodgy websites, etc), your application for membership will be rejected.**

If you don't follow the rules, you will be banned without warning.

Please note I am not affiliated to Squidoo in any way apart from the fact I am myself a lensmaster. So any issue or problem with the site should be taken to Squidoo itself, even though if you need help, you can still ask and see if a member here can help you or give you advice.

Useful links

Squidoo on Wikipedia
SQUIDUtils.com - Squidoo Tools and Utilities